Due to international travel restrictions and vaccinations, we were unable to host Artists in 2021.

Kiki Shakti, 2020


Kiki, a film maker from Taos, New Mexico and owner of the video productions company Kiki Love Productions was our first international AiR to be accepted into our program in in the fall of 2019 for residency in the spring of 2020. She had to face the Covid pandemic while traveling in Spain to come take part in her residency.

Unbeknownst to all, she was to spend the entire time in our residency program during the lockdown. She handled it like a pro! And, tt did give her plenty of time to write a 200 page feature film screenplay since she had no distractions from activities or events at our centre.

She shared her experience with her Taos community in the local newspapers and magazines there. You can read the article she wrote in the Taos News here.


Tempo Magazine Instagram post.

Pilar Morcillo, 2019-2020

Fashion designer, Pilar Morcillo.

Pilar, creator of her own brand Cositas Pi, was our first a local artist to participate in the residency program. Even though Flatlands is focused on bringing international artists to rural Spain, Pilar is a local fashion designer who was in need of a space to focus her creativity and put on her first fashion show.

It was a stroke of luck (if you believe in that sort of thing!) that she wanted to participate in our residency when she did, because Kiki Shakti was going to be doing her residency at the same time and everyone else was stuck inside their homes! A local of Villarrobledo in residency with the international artist was the best thing that could have happened for everyone. Pilar was able to act as host for her fellow artist, since the lock down meant they were mostly alone during their entire stay. Kiki was also able to collaborate with Pilar on her fashion show!

This was definitely an unprecedented and unique experience at hosting artists in residency in our space! We are so happy to have them as part of our artistic family.

Verónica Leándrez, 2019-2020

New Orleans painter, Verónica Leandrez, now resident of Villarrobledo is one of our founding members. She was the first artist to participate in the Residency Program. She wanted to make sure the space will work to house other international artists coming from abroad when we acquired the building.  Veronica exhibited her work in our gallery and was the first artist in residency at Flatlands.


Xüa and Vicente del Amo, 2019

Vicente del Amo is a well-known sculpture artist from a small village just 30 minutes away called Munera. Munera is a very small town of 3.000 people. We were so glad to be able to host his sculptures in our newly renovated gallery space as our first exhibit after opening our space in 2019.

Xüa is a young artist and the son of Vicente Del Amo. Following in his father's artistic footsteps, his drawings were featured on the walls of our gallery space at the same time as Vicente del Amo's sculptures.

Fallen Angel: 1,125€