Applying artists must submit materials electronically to our board via email with AIR in the subject line and pay a processing fee of $20.

Materials should include:

  • A one page resume that highlights education, experience and training; a summary of creative works and, if applicable, professional brochures or similar publications.
  • A photo for use on our website, and in promotional materials.
  • Visual artists must submit images in a digital format which has resolution adequate for viewing on screen; one to ten images may be submitted. Due to file size limitations of e-mail, links to a cloud storage (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc...) where the materials can be viewed should be included in the email.
  • Writers must submit a sample of their representative prose, short stories, plays or poetry reflecting their ability; a maximum of 10 pages may be submitted.
  • Musicians and composers must submit lyrics and audio recordings of their work; one to three songs may be submitted.
  • A brief statement from applicant stating what she/he hopes to achieve from a residency in Flatlands.
  • Your preference for a period of residence and which residencies you are applying for. The current program dates available for 2022 are:   Winter (January 3 to March 31) Spring (April 4 to June 30) Summer (July 4 to September 30).