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Our Visión

Flatlands gets its name from the landscapes of this Manchegan region of Spain. It also evoques an image of our philosophy:

The plains have a wide horizon and are usually very fertile lands.  Our rural and peaceful location can be an inspiration to artists and writers to create their visionary works, surrounded by the picturesque towns and rural villages which inspired Miguel de Cervantes to write his famous novel Don Quijote de La Mancha.

Born in Miami from Spanish parents, Verónica Leándrez studied at one of the top ten high schools in the U.S.A.- Design and Arquitecture Senior High. She went on to graduate from Tulane Universtiy in New Orleans with a double major in Drawing & Painting and Women’s Studies. She worked as a scennic artist and painter in New Orleans  and created more than 200 works between the years of 2000 and 2010.

She has appeared in three documentary films about New Orleans, “Hexing a Hurricane” (2006), “Conversations With Artists” (2010), “30 Days in the Bowl” (2010) and was artistic director on a fourth production “The Oldest Story Ever Told” (2010), as well as scenic artis on numerous theatrical productions.

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Verónica S. Leándrez

Artist & Founding Director

Maria Sevilla has a Masters in Sustainable Building and Acoustic Engineering from the Instituto Español de Baubiologie. She is a Licensed Tecnical Arquitect and Building Engineer whose passion for sustainable design has lead her to volunteer in various permaculture projects in the Sahara Desert with Moradas de Tierra and to want to bring all her knowledge of green arquitecture back to her homeland in the plains of La Mancha.


María Sevilla

Architect & Permaculture Program Director

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